Frequently Asked Questions

1. What privileges am I entitled to with my membership?

  • You will receive a monthly newsletter outlining all our activities and other Club         information by email
  • You are welcome to join in any and all Club activities and interest groups
  • You are eligible to vote on Club business matters at the General Meetings

2. Can I try it before paying fees to join?

A prospective member is eligible to attend as a guest one Monthly Social Meeting (paying her own cost if any is required) and one meeting of any Club Interest Group

3. How do I join?

  • Contact Membership Convener: Connie McCann: email               [email protected] or call 519-572-8175

4. What does it cost to join the Club?

  • The annual membership fee is $35

5. Where and when do activities take place?

  • Most activities happen throughout the day and week but there are also groups that meet in the evening and on weekends. Some activities are hosted by club members at their home and are therefore held at a different location each month. Some activities require a certain location e.g. cinema, restaurant, golf course. All locations will be announced in the monthly newsletter.
  •  The club's Monthly Social usually takes place the first Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm at Grand River Unitarian Church, 299 Sydney Street, Kitchener, ON.